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Share information. In real time.

Between disparate systems.


The IF-MAP open standard makes it possible for any authorized device or system to publish information to an IF-MAP server, to search that server for relevant information, and to subscribe to any updates to that information. Just as IP revolutionized communications, IF-MAP will revolutionize the way systems share data.


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A culture shift for security

Wed, 2011-10-26 13:40

By Matthew Voshell, CACI

I’m often asked, “What’s this if map thing I keep hearing about?” or “What’s an ifmaps?”.
Understanding my first challenge, to get people to correctly pronounce the standard,
helps me envision the magnitude of a culture shift that IF-MAP is going to have on the
Cyber Security Industry

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light thru keyhole - #407887

A Blogger's-eye View of IF-MAP at the NSA Conference

Tue, 2011-09-27 14:27

Eric Byres, CTO and VP of Engineering at Tofino Security, Belden Inc., walked the show floor at the NSA Trusted Computing Conference and made some interesting discoveries about the newest security hardware and software and how IF-MAP fits into it. In his blog, he shares what he found.